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Mission Statement

Our view of the world is both local and global. Our mid-Pacific location offers not only the natural social laboratory of multiethnic Hawaii and the city of Honolulu, but exceptional resources and opportunities for the study of Asia and the Pacific. Our student body is drawn from the local community, from all over Asia and the Pacific, and from the U.S. mainland and Europe. The themes of ethnic and race relations and the study of Asian and Pacific societies appear in the work of nearly all of our faculty and graduate students. We provide students with a broad foundation in theory and methods of sociological research, and then focus on the following four areas in which we can offer exceptional expertise and opportunities for research and training:

November 15, 2008 — The Mānoa Experience. Mahalo nui loa to volunteers (L to R)
Meiko, Kalei, Seio, Bill, Barbara, Daniel, Henry, (not pictured) Dana and Wei, for
providing attendees with a glimpse of the opportunities awaiting them in Sociology.

November 7, 2008 — A spirited conversation between (L to R) Drs. Sun-Ki Chai,
Michael Hechter, and Hagen Koo following Hechter's presentation on "Resistance
to Alien Rule in Taiwan and Korea."


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